TREASON! Traitors in Parliament!!!

Justin Trudeau in Blackface not sure how many times

CSIS has confirmed SITTING MEMBERS OF CANADA’S PARLIAMENT ARE COMPROMISED AND AIDING FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS!!!! TREASON OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! START THE CRIMINAL PUBLIC TRIALS ASAP! TREASON MAY CROSS ALL PARTIES! TIME TO EXPOSE THE TREASONOUS RATS ASAP! RELEASE THE NAMES! Watch Trudeau’s baby sitter, yes he actually baby sat Justin when he was a child run cover for criminals. See how this works people? Traitors abound. #Nuremberg2 already.
While Conservatives also have globalist rats inside their party which must be exposed and removed Liberal and NDP parties are FULL of traitors. You would have to be brain dead to vote for Liberal, NDP or Green after the last 3+years. Forced vaccinations, closed small business’s while big box stores STAYED OPEN, excluded unvaxxed from society, fines, quarantines, MAKING CANADIANS DIE ALONE over a virus that 99+% have ZERO problem with!?!?
#NUREMBERG2 for all!