FraudMinister! ccp RATS have Influenced Canadian Elections for YEARS!!! Is Justin Trudeau a fraudminister?! Jail for ccp rats!

Justin Trudeau in Blackface not sure how many times

Former CSIS Officer Dan Stanton says a public inquiry CAN BE HELD. Davey boy Johnston has run cover for Laurentian elites for decades. Remember Airbus?? Davey boy let his buddy Brian Mulroney WALK after Mulroney “forgot” to tell Revenue Canada he received HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN CASH FROM KARL SCHRIEBER. What did Revenue Canada do to Mulroney?? The IDIOTS AT REVENUE CANADA ONLY TAXED MULRONEY ON HALF THE AMOUNT WITH NO PENALTIES!?!??!!? RULES FOR THEE. WAKE UP SHEEP, THESE DEMONS ARE DESTROYING CANADA WHILE WE SIT AN WATCH…….. NUREMBERG2 PUBLIC TRIALS ASAP!!! Watch David Johnston “I don’t remember” answer questions about his relationship with Trudeau. Priceless!